YFA Triggers Earthquake in Georgia Youth Football

Historically, the most competitive Georgia youth football leagues have been split between 4 leagues.  But only 2 have stood the test of time.  In each age group, you could find teams good enough to compete for state, regional and national titles.  Not only could you enjoy top shelf competition, but one could argue that the so-called “D2” teams could stand up against competition at the regional and national levels.  Georgia youth football is simply loaded. 

The partitioning of associations into smaller leagues produced a litany of challenges:  Scheduling volatility, regulation inconsistency and enforcement, quality control, gameplay rules, competitive inconsistency and lack of a unified championships.  One can argue that the decision of the YFA to join the AYF was the catalyst that triggered the MAYFL to follow suit.  And that’s a great thing for Georgia youth football!

The Tectonic Plates are shifting….

The Youth Football Alliance and the Metro Atlanta Youth Football League have joined the American Youth Football League (AYF).  With the addition of this new 32 association conference, that brings the number of Georgia associations to 54:  Pac12 has 14 associations, and the Big Peach with 8 associations. That’s 54 associations, joining the AYF Southeast region.  The Southeast region is comprised of 5 states:  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  This region is loaded with exceptional competition at D1 and D2 levels.  Unfortunately, this is bad news for associations that are not members.  Their leagues will find it more difficult to find and qualify for postseason state, regional and national titles.  Either your association is on a plate or in the crack…..

Problems abated…

This unification of Georgia associations under one governing body will significantly reduce the challenges mentioned above.  This will lead to a better experience for the youth and their respective associations. 

Unification of Regulations

With unification comes greater consistency in leadership and regulation.  This will force member associations to improve their operations.  It will also encourage non-member associations to make positive changes in their operations as competition to maintain associational membership intensifies.  The transition will have it’s difficult moments, but the end results will ultimately benefit the youth.  Volatile, poorly run leagues will simply crumble under the crushing weight of these shifting plates.

Unification of the State Title

This is huge.  Historically, any team that wanted to compete for the right to call themselves the “Best team in Georgia”, had two paths:  Compete in D1Nation tournaments or hope for an invitation to the established BornToCompete State Championship Invitational Tournament.  D1nation has been developing, but there’s no question that BornToCompete was simply considered the “state championship mecca” of Georgia youth football.  Make no mistake, this was a gauntlet at every age group.  You win there, few would question your team’s legitimacy as the best in the state.  But the B2C tournament is not connected to any league or unifying body in Georgia.  Due to that, there is inherent volatility every year.  Because of their independence, there is no seamless path to a regional or national championship.  As a result, the invitation process can be defined as subjective, inconsistent, political and confusing.

Unification of Competition

This high concentration of talent under one state, means that Georgia will have a seamless path to compete for a Regional and National title.  And it’s only natural that a unifying State Championship will emerge from this unification.  Because you have almost all of the best teams under 3 conferences.   That state championship would also invite worthy teams outside of the AYF, a policy consistent with AYF invitations at the regional and national level.  This means that more teams in Georgia will be able to enjoy the post season! 

Unification of Cheer Competition

The AYF also hosts a national Cheer Championship.  For the first time,  many of these cheer associations will have a competitive path all the way to nationals, alongside their football counterparts.

Unification of a Powerhouse

This would be the largest youth football conference in Georgia.  The existing Big Peach and Pac12 conferences will have to battle this 32 association conference for Georgia state supremacy, and a chance to move on.  The path is clear:  Win your league or impress the AYF to receive an invitational to Regionals.  Win Regionals, to go to nationals.  AYF provides a D1 and D2 path to the national championship.  This huge influx of Georgia competition in to the Southeast region will result in more preseason and postseason tournaments and callout games for teams that desire the extra competition.

The Madman.Media team is excited about covering this historic seismic shift in Georgia Youth Football!