Up In the Air

With the landscape of the world changing daily, the youth football season is teetering on the brink of being canceled. Covid 19 have changed the way most things take place regularly around us. At this current moment football coaches are clamoring to back out on the field with their group to start preparation for the 2020 season. Right now there is a split in beliefs on if there will or won’t be a youth season. While so many are in hopes to get back to the old normal, there is a large group still wanting to wait until a solution is found.

Normally by this time most teams would have been practicing for anywhere from a few weeks to months already. Also, with the cancellation of the 7 on 7 season, there may be a larger curve to get teams up to speed when sports are allowed to resume.

I hear a lot of parents and coaches hesitant to even resume after limitations are lifted. The fear of unknown conditions along with no real resolution to the disease have guardians leery of full contact sports so soon. Everyone wants the saftey of everyone to be first and foremost, but kids especially. So the real question may come to how much of a risk are the kids at going back too soon and will there be a vaccine required to register?

Lastly, will the leagues, parks and recs, and organizations get clearance to have large groups closely gathered? Is the medical insurance and coverage going to be picked up to keep youth football a float? There are so many unknowns that will have to be answered prior to equipment being issued and games getting played. Medical professionals are suggesting that coaches ease kids back onto the field. Even staggering practice sessions to limit the number of participants at times. Yes, everyone would love to see their favorite teams on the field, but how soon is that going to happen safely?