ITFactor – Aaron “Bugatti” McNeil

McNeil on the attack

The base price of a 2019 Bugatti Chiron is around $2,998,000, 100 times the cost of an average car after options and sales taxes are factored in. In Atlanta, Georgia at 5’11 155lbs size 12 shoe, Aaron McNeil may cost you your lively hood on the football field. The nickname Bugatti fits him well after showcasing the high-performance skills, mimicking the rare Bugatti Chiron. Only 405 of these valuable cars have ever been manufactured. McNeil makes 406. 12-year old Aaron ”Bugatti” McNeil happens to be the #itfactor on Georgia’s youth footballs juggernaut, ”the dream team”.  This talented team has yet to meet a challenge anywhere in the nation in the two years McNeil has been a part of the regime.

While the 7th-grade phenomenon is all about the team, his individual accolades have separated him from the pack among the elite. Aaron Bugatti has earned multiple B2C MVP awards including the B2C receiver of the year award this past season. These accolades were acquired playing in the the YFA, the most competitive league in Georgia.  Before joining the DreamTeam, his prowess as a baller was established, with a championship season in the NWGYFL.  Since then he has won 2 YFA championships, 2 B2C championships and 2 Battle National championships.  He also earned the Battle National Championship MVP award.  Accomplished is, to say the least for the young athlete.

McNeil is that good at his age that the average youth sport spectator can’t help but to think way ahead in prediction of the wide receiver’s future

Head coach Shawn Moffett is the prototype of a leader for such a talented kid. When perseverance knocks at your door at a tender age who’s better other than your parents to have in your corner other than one of Georgia’s legendary Coach Shawn Moffett. Mr. Moffett’s style and boisterous demeanor along with the genuine well being for each athlete on this dream team was put on display when McNeil’s collar bone was broken in the summer only one week before the start of a preseason national schedule. McNeil wished to go against the doctor’s demands and return earlier than prescribed.  Between Coach Moffett and the young McNeil’s parents, Mr. Aaron McNeil senior and his mother Ms. Jemima McNeil, they decided for his best interest that he sit out 9 weeks, a week further than what the doctor ordered. The decision paid off as Bugatti went on to dominate in #itfactor fashion throughout the season.

His demeanor from home stands out above the beastly physique when greeting Bugatti. What stands out even more on paper other than the enormous size, the athletic makeup and the shyness, is his academic performance in the classroom. He is currently an honor roll student entering the 8th grade this fall. That means the bidding war turns into business for the underage sensation. With the intangibles, middle school may become a brisk blur as the youth football community awaits the decision on what high school campus he decides to bless as a freshman. McNeil is that good at his age that the average youth sport spectator can’t help but to think way ahead in prediction of the wide receiver’s future. Although Bugatti is a hybrid that could be an #itfactor on either side of the ball, inside or outside of the box, he can play at any skill position. Compared to the late great free safety Sean Taylor, McNeil’s 2020 year will no doubt be a spectacle. Good luck to Aaron ”Bugatti” McNeil and the dream team this season and their quest to become 1 of the most dominant youth football teams ever.