Georgia Youth Football Leagues

Looking for a place to go as a coach, parent, volunteer for youth football?  Here’s a List of the Top Youth Leagues in Georgia:

YFA – Youth Football Alliance

Stable, enduring and competitive.  The YFA has been around for more than a decade, Providing competitive play at the developmental and elite divisions.  The league is well organized, hosting an excellent pro-family post-season weekend as teams compete for the title.   When it comes to elite competition, the YFA stands alone in Georgia.  Coaches regard this league as a gauntlet at most age groups.  Many of their teams play out of their leagues in the preseason, and postseason.  You can even see these teams challenging themselves with “callout” games during the season.   The YFA has more teams competing  in more state, regional and national championship games than any other youth league in the state.

And it looks like they are only getting bigger and better:  This year the YFA has joined the American Youth Football League (, paving the way for their teams to compete for a single league national path to a championship.

NWGYFL – Northwest Georgia Youth Football League

The NWGYFL is a  solid, large and well organized league, that’s been around for over 30 years!  The league is well structured, with a concentration of teams in the North West are  of Atlanta.  League competition is grouped into  developmental and elite divisions.  Competition is excellent and balanced.  Some of these teams have even made their marks in state, regional and national championship playoffs.

GFL – GFLSports

The GFL is a large, structured league predominantly in the northeastern area outside of the Atlanta perimeter.   There are over 200 teams in this league.  The GFL is the only league in this list with rules that prohibit any cross league play by it’s members.  Competition is well balanced.  But don’t expect to see many, if any, of these teams in post season state, regional or national competition.

SYFC – Southern Youth Football Conference

The SYFC is a league located far south of the Atlanta perimeter.  These teams are fairly competitive, anchored by a couple of large organizations, with satellite organizations from rural towns throughout Georgia.  The league has been around for over 10 years, providing family-oriented fun football to it’s members.  It’s rare that teams in this league engage in any post season competitions outside of their leagues.

MAYFL – Metro Atlanta Youth Football League

The MAYFL is a excellent league that’s been around for over 10 years.  This is one of Georgia’s most competitive leagues with teams that are very active in cross-league play, to include pre-season and post season competition.  As a whole, the league is full of competitive parity.  Every year, some of these teams engage in pre and post season competition at the state, regional and national levels.  In this league, everyone plays everyone.  There is no separation of teams into developmental or elite divisions. 

SPYFL – Southern Premiere Youth Football League

The SPYFL is a league is governed by Clayton County Recreation.  Teams do not have to reside in Clayton county, but they must comply with the County’s regulations in order to be a member.  The competition level in this league varies greatly.  The participation fees are the lowest in the State, which is a huge help to some parents.  There is no separation of teams into developmental or elite divisions.    The leagues enrollment numbers have endured a steady decline over the last few seasons resulting in forfeits, teams playing each other repeatedly, or simply not having a full 8 game schedule.

New Leagues:

CCYA – Capital City Youth Association

Madman.Media wishes this league all the best in their 2020 inaugural season!

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