Each One Teach One

In recent times we’ve all seen it. Overzealous fans, coaches, and or parents taking their discontent over a youth sporting event too far. Parents, coaches, and adults alike should remember that tried and true credo: Kids do as they see, more than they’re told.

In recent years there have been instances where misguided enthusiasm over a call or games outcome has spilled onto the playing field or court. In that nanosecond people forget what youth sports is supposed to be all about. Someone has to lose, but therein lies so many teachable moments along the way. One of the most important being sportsmanship. The ability to be both a gracious winner as well as loser. Of course everyone wants to win but teaching a young man or woman to accept losing as a part of the game and life is a virtue that will serve them well throughout their lives.

As an adult that is tasked with teaching this, whose child is a participant in a sport, or simply a fan, we need to remember that actions speak louder than words. So before disparaging remakes start raining down from the stands or the sidelines keep that in mind. It’s about the child having fun, honing their craft and learning life lessons. There’s always the next game and a chance for redemption, but if matters get out of hand, they could have lasting consequences. So let’s remember sportsmanlike conduct is not just for the players.