Diminished Value

After last night’s 2020 NFL Draft, there was a clear message of the needs and wants of GM’s and coaches. There were 32 picks taken on Thursday night and only 1, which was the final selection, a running back. As so many youth football players aspire to play the coveted position, the value of said position is not as prestige as once before. Teams find serviceable players in later rounds that are able to compete with top prospects in drills, combines and situational football. This over time have brought decision makers to go after other positions early on in the drafting process.
A total of 7 Offensive lineman were selected in the first round followed by 6 Defensive backs and Wide Receivers. The game has evolved into a passing game but fundamentals still reign supreme. The basics of football, blocking and tackling, are universal and are able to be compared much easier than intangible traits such as ball carrier vision. There will always be a need of the position and a want to play it by many youth on every team, but perfecting the basics will set you apart in the end.
Draft by the Numbers
QB- 4
RB- 1
WR- 6
OL- 7
DL- 4
LB- 4
DB- 6